Boswednan Studio

Easter holidays 2018

So, what have I done this holiday? I haven’t done any printmaking but I’m collecting source material ready to start making some plates. I’ve done a lot of reading and came across the photographer Eliot Porter, thanks to Luminous Landscape: and was very impressed; impressed enough to search out some of his books on Amazon. ‘Nature’s Chaos’ is well worth buying, I think for the absolutely stunning images.

We’ve been out walking on the beaches and have joined the Tate as St Ives is just around the corner. We went there on the bus as getting in and parking is a complete nightmare and being high enough to view the fields and scenery over the top of the hedges was a novelty for me [being 4′ 10″ I can’t usually see much of anything]. The Tate gallery was good, the Lanyons were impressive, and we also went into every other gallery of note; some great work was on show, if only we were rich…

I made a few sketches using my phone and made a quick pencil and pen drawing of some of the seaweed shapes I photographed.

I also bought a small sub-dye colour printer that prints out at 6″ x 4″ and spent a few happy days choosing some photos and drawings to print off. The poor reviews of the printer are undeserved, I think, it works really well and the quality of the prints is excellent. I use it with the laptop and edit in Photoshop then print directly to the printer.  The magnolia trees in Morrab Park have just come into bloom so I took the camera and the 90mm macro lens along and tried to capture how spring feels in Cornwall. So that’s it, really, and off back to school next week.



Almost ready…

I haven’t written anything for a while and that’s because for the last year I have been teaching full-time. Preparing and resourcing lessons takes longer than you might think and as a result, I haven’t had that much free time or indeed any energy left to do anything for myself apart from taking photographs, so there wasn’t much to say.

However, as my youngest son is now 18 and will be leaving school in the summer, we talked things through and it seemed a good time to change things around a bit. I handed in my resignation from school and will be leaving there on July 7th, not counting the weeks down or anything, and we have put the flat in Bristol up for sale. Happily, there is a lot of interest and it looks like we won’t have any problem in selling it, so we will be moving down to Cornwall permanently in July/August.

In preparation for that, I have signed up for a couple of printmaking and painting courses in Falmouth and Newlyn over the next few months and took some photographs down to the local printers to be giclee printed. I tried to find a way to sell work online, then I realised that I was trying to run before I could walk and that I should just get to Cornwall, get into the studio and work hard for a couple of years and then when I had a body of work and had got to know a few of the local gallery owners, I would be in a better position to get started selling some of my own. So that’s the plan…very exciting. I have also applied for my teacher’s pension, which will just about cover the council tax and the cost of the studio, so it looks as though my other half will have to get a job here so that we can tick over financially.

I’ve spent a lot of these holidays catching up on the blogs and sites that I follow and whilst I was looking for the Intaglio Printmakers website I came across the blog of a printmaker called Laura Boswell : I spent a while on her site reading through her blog and it cheered me up [because it is quite reassuring to read that other artists have the same or similar thoughts and fears] and made me laugh [the bit about her son working in a coffee shop and how he dealt with annoying customers] – well worth reading.

A couple of days ago I had an email from a friend I met whilst taking a course at the Folk House in Bristol, suggesting that the small group of us who have stayed in touch should have a small exhibition so we have arranged to hold it in late June early July at Blaze, Colston Street, Bristol.

on the beach


It may be Christmas and…

I forgot to add these autumn images taken in the gardens at Westonbirt School at the right time but they’re worth sharing as a reminder to enjoy each season when it comes.