February 2019

What I’ve been doing lately

I bought some old Indian printing blocks in a local shop and I’m going to try these overprinted onto other prints e.g. over a monoprint for example, to make collages. At college, I laser-cut an etching of one of my images into a sheet of plastic and inked it up as a viscosity print. In my studio, I experimented with using caustic soda and wall-paper paste to acid etch some lino; this was a trial and error process that didn’t work the first time but once I’d made the mixture stronger, it was fine.

I found this method on the internet at https://philiphartiganpraeterita.blogspot.com/2014/06/how-to-etch-linoleum-block.html and http://www.thecuriousprintmaker.co.uk/lino-etching/  so many thanks to them, as it was good to find another way of using lino. I was especially pleased with the way it etched so organically and I’m definitely going to persevere with this.