June 2019

Experimenting in the studio

Since Open Studios Cornwall I’ve been thinking about what to do next. The feedback from Module 1 was good and a relief after worrying about it for so long; some of the feedback was that it would make sense to consolidate things a little so I’ve decided to follow two main themes instead of continuing to explore processes.

One is the ‘sense of place’ and being in the extreme SW tip of Cornwall with everything that means – big skies, rugged and wild scenery, farmland and moorland. The other is experimenting with materiality and colour and also learning how to use ‘Illustrator’ to make repeating patterns and designs and then to take these into fabric. This will take me to December when this module ends.

I’ve also bought an electric bike so that I can cycle from home to the studio without giving myself a heart attack. It’s absolutely brilliant and I am very, very pleased with myself about deciding to get one. Apart from the health benefits, I don’t drive there in the car now so I am feeling extremely virtuous. I do cycle past a pasty shop on the way there though…