What’s my site about?

I’m a printmaker with a studio in Cornwall and I’m currently studying for a Masters in Printmaking at Plymouth College of Art. I like experimenting with the different printmaking processes to come up with original solutions. I like combining the digital with the hand-pulled and I’m inspired by things around me on a daily basis. One earlier set of prints was based on the shapes and patterns of manhole covers, for example, whilst one of my digital prints based loosely on ‘seaweed’ has been chosen for this year’s RE Masters competition in London and was exhibited at the Bankside Gallery in November.

I used to teach Art, Media Studies and Photography at a lovely school in Gloucestershire but now I enjoy living in Cornwall with my husband and occasionally some of the family. I’ve drawn, doodled, printed and snapped all my life and now I’m no longer teaching I’ll have the time to maintain a website and a lot more time to work in the studio. Last summer I went on an abstract landscape painting course at Newlyn School of Art which was good fun and very inspiring. I also went to the St Ives September Festival and did a two-day course on mono-printing and collographs run by Rachael Kantartis that was very worthwhile.