What’s my site about?

I’m a printmaker with a studio near Penzance currently studying for a Masters in Printmaking at Plymouth College of Art and it’s great to have the chance to do the MA and make use of the extensive facilities and mix with artists of different disciplines.

My work is about experimenting with colour, pattern and texture using different printmaking matrices to come up with original solutions based on the natural world and I enjoy combining the digital with the hand-pulled, for example by using a digital collage as the basis for a photo-polymer etching.  I recently had 20+ prints on show at the Ironbridge Fine Arts gallery, Shropshire. I’m also a keen photographer and I find that the two work together well.

I took part in ‘Open Studios Cornwall’ in last May and will be participating this year and I’m a new member of the Porthmeor Print studio in St. Ives. I’ve recently joined ‘The Art of Cornwall’ online marketplace where you can view and purchase some of my prints: 


If you’re interested in coming to the studio to see my work – it’s at Tremethick Cross, 3 miles from Penzance – then please just email me first to arrange a date and time; I’m happy to have visitors.