I enjoy printmaking and have my own small press. I used to have a studio in Bristol and I haven’t done a lot over the last three years due to space/time constraints but now I’m returning to teaching full time, I expect to do a lot more from September. I now have a studio in Cornwall so I am spending the summer working there. [See ‘Boswednan’ blog pages at]

I like experimenting and doing one-offs, seeing where the journey takes me. Recently I’ve been taking courses in alternative photography processes at the Folk House, Bristol, which is fascinating, and I hope to start teaching some of these things on the ‘A’ level Photography course from September. Trying to find a way to link photography and painting and printmaking has not been easy but now I’ve discovered the gum bichromate method thanks to master printmaker Martyn Grimmer, I think I’ve found one.


Learning alternative photographic processes